Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I went shopping with my mom today and she bought me a maternity swimsuit (I swim weekly and will be pregnant through the summer) and another nice shirt! I bought two others on clearance for $14 each.

ROW 1:
L: boob design giveaway shirt (free)
R: thrift store find ($5)
ROW 2:
L: thrift store find ($5)
R: thyme maternity nursing shirt ($14)
ROW 3:
L: thyme maternity nursing shirt ($14)
R: thyme maternity shirt (from mom)
ROW 4:
L: walmart shirt ($10)
R: thyme maternity swim suit (from mom)
ROW 5:
L: walmart shirt ($5)
R: walmart shirt + iron on ($12 total)

Edit: more pictures of the 3 shirts I need to look into again (loved them but so expensive) and the bathing suit I got with their fake belly underneath!

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