Friday, 9 March 2012

Hide and seek baby

Saw a different doctor yesterday to try find the HB again. The Dr. told me that at 10 weeks it's about a 50% chance to find the HB and at 11 weeks it's about a 80% chance to find it. It took him a while and a few diff ways (knees up/knees down) but eventually he found baby, right behind the placenta that was beating with my HB as well. I was thrilled to hear and and so relieved. It was beating around 152 which now makes hubby say "IT'S A BOY!" because that's how it worked with his friend's boy. High 160's at first, then settled to 150's. Yeah sorry hun but it really points to a girl at this point given the timing of conception.

I'm still pretty sure it's a girl and I will be disappointed that it's a boy for two reasons:
  1. I would be wrong :P (Mama's intuition)
  2. Girl clothes are so cute and all this time I've been looking at M&K's 19 m.o. girl and thinking how cute her clothes are.

I'll be thrilled for a healthy baby either way of course.


  1. Ya! So happy you found HB :) I have to agree with your hubby tho :P But only because of my sons HB haha. But you have a 50% chance either way! lol

  2. Same two reasons here. My intuition says girl. How horrible would it be if I was wrong and going around being so smugly confident!?!?!

    1. BeeBee do you have names picked for both? What does DM think it is?