Our Story

This is just an updated stand alone repeat of my first post ever :)


I'm 23 years old, married for about a year. Our wedding was on July 3, 2010. We live in BC Canada. I work as an education assistant/braillist at a private school with 1 blind boy.


My husband is 28 years old and his birthday is the day after mine. He works as a service advisor at a Honda car dealership. He immigrated to Canada to be with me in October 2010.


We met online playing World of Warcraft in April 2008. It didn't seem important to be at the time because I was dating someone else. Our friendship changed into a romantic interest (at least on my part) near the end of the summer as I was realizing that my current boyfriend wasn't a long time relationship type of guy. When I broke up with that boyfriend in the fall, we started talking more and lost interest in other people.

We met in person in March 2009, almost a year after we started talking and playing World of Warcraft together. We had an instant connection. He visited me for a week over spring break and we spent all day every day together. It was the best time of my life.

We only had a few visits in the time that we were dating and it was difficult. After the March visit here, I took a trip to Nevada to visit him in July. A few other WoW friends came as well and we had a blast meeting everyone and camping together.  After that, we planned for an October (Thanksgiving) trip, but he surprised me by showing up for my birthday (Sept 21).

Our last trip while dating was Christmas. My whole family visited my grandparents in So Cal and he drove from Nevada to meet us on Christmas Day. We turned around and drove back to Nevada on Boxing Day. He proposed on New Years. It was supposed to be 12am but he surprised me earlier in front of his grandma when we walked her home at 8. He then proposed shortly after 12 in front of the rest of them.

We had two visits while engaged. He came in February for counselling, Valentine's Day, working on our immigration paperwork and a short visit. I'm pretty sure I went down to visit in March for my 2 week spring break.

The next visit was JULY! Wedding time! We got married on the 3rd and then drove through all of Washington on the 4th. The fireworks were so pretty and they were everywhere! We crashed at a friend's place and then started on our honeymoon. We spent a week at Disneyland and went to Six Flags. After that we went to visit my grandparents in So Cal and then back to his place in Nevada where we spent the summer. I sat around and did nothing most days while he was at work.

At the end of the summer I had to go back to work and he had to stay in Nevada. It was so hard to leave because I had no idea when we would be together again. I planned a trip in October where we packed all his stuff and cataloged it for when he moved.

His paperwork came through right around the time of my trip so he gave his 2 weeks and moved up as soon as he could.

We moved into my parents place here and thankfully have been lived rent free until they could suite off their basement and now we're paying a cheap rent and we can lock them out >:) It's pretty great but I can't wait to have our own house.


We got our first BFP on April 7 and it was a surprise. We were preventing with condoms but not hormonal birth control. The baby was a result of one single night of no protection. Yes, ladies, it can happen. I miscarried a few weeks later before hitting 8 weeks gestation. I struggled for a long time with it. My cycle was very irregular and went from a 28 day cycle before I got pregnant to a random all over the place cycle after. My first cycle lasted 107 days, the next one 76 days and the third 42 days. Those three cycles combined were about 8 months. On my fourth cycle, about 40 days in, I got my second BFP.

I'm currently writing this at almost 10 weeks along with this baby. We have heard the heart beat on our home doppler and seen it on an ultrasound. I'm very worried that I'll miscarry again but I'm trying to stay positive for stress' sake. I keep telling myself, we're past the point we miscarried last time and we've seen/heard the heartbeat and our chance of miscarriage are less than 5% right now. All the stories we read on BBC and faces of loss are women who's experienced it coming together to grieve together and that's why there seems to be more losses on sites like those.