Thursday, 15 March 2012


What say you guys?

I'm "coming out" to work after my 17w1d ultrasound.
I won't be working with my student next year.
I think he deserves to know with the rest of the staff for these reasons.

I'll post on facebook that night and his mom is on my facebook. I don't know if she can keep the secret.
My friend M's little sister is in grade 7 in the same school and I don't know if she'll talk but I told M she can tell her sisters after I tell the staff.
I won't be working with him and there's nosy ladies who will be all "who's working with him next year".
The ones who will actually be working with him next year will probably find out around the same time and I don't trust them not to stop him in the hall and talk to him about them working with him next year.

So that's M's sister, the 2 staff that will work with him, his mom and numerous other staff who might tell him or talk to me when he's in earshot that have the opportunity to blab to him if I don't tell him right away.

Also, when would you tell those family members on facebook. They don't deserve to find out with the rest of the world when I post it on facebook... but at the same time, I'd love for them to just find out then because the more people that know before, the more people that can say something obvious on my subtle facebook messages.

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