Saturday, 31 March 2012


So today I made my grandma's shirt to wear to announce to my aunt's family in California when she goes home on Monday. Isn't it cute?

Also... I went out for dinner at the food court with DH. I dragged him into the maternity store here (Thyme maternity) and showed him some of the clothes with the fake belly underneath. I left the store with 1 black pair of mat pants, 1 brown pair of mat pants and a POSSIBLE JOB!

I'm going to drop my resume off on Monday and talk to the manager again. I guess I was memorable enough from when I visited with my mom a few weeks ago. She remembered me and DH was bs-ing about how I should just get a job there since I'm always there (3rd time in like 2 weeks) and she said that they actually are looking for someone!

Best parts ever....
- DH said I can spend everything I make on clothes there!
- Found this info on discounts online (might not be accurate cuz it's from 2008)

Thyme Maternity ( Reitmans corp) Offered 50% in thyme, and since it was maternity you got to pick another division of reitmans to have a 50% off discount in, so either Rietmans, Smart Set, Addition Elle, Pennigtons or RW. All of the other stores you didn't pick your 50% off in you got 30% off.( I think it was)

So freaking excited!

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