Friday, 23 March 2012

Grandma is here and random ramblings

She was out of it after coming off the plane so she didn't look at my shirt even until after she hugged me. But she said that for some reason she was hoping I would be and my aunt's family was asking her if she thought I was pregnant... weird. She was coming for a regular visit, not one I asked her to come for or anything and they all were hoping I would announce I was pregnant?

Anyways after she said that, she jumped up and down like an excited little girl. So funny!

She said the last stocking she'll make for our family will be for this baby, her first great grandchild. We all have matching stockings with santa in a chimney and a moon on the back and our names at the top. She thinks she'll be able to have it made by christmas for this baby even if she starts in september. I'm not sure that she'll want to have it made by christmas considering DH's stocking is just being made now and it's been 2 years almost (but 2 christmases married). There was a lot going on right after we got married though so it doesn't bother me. It wouldn't bother me either to have someone else make the stocking for our baby anyways...

Ooooh I was DROOOOOOLING over oshkosh's baby girl clothes at costco today! I'll dump em in dropbox off my phone and post em here as soon as they show up.. so cute! It's taking forever so you might have to come back and check later. Edit: here they are! The yellow one is carter's technically but it's so cute! They're all two piece except the carter's. They all have a onesie underneath and then the overall looking part

Top left: romper Top right: shorts
Bottom left: carter's onesie with skirt thingy in front Bottom right: overall skirt

So totally stoked to be in the 2nd trimester. I'm officially 3 months and 4 days pregnant (assuming day 1 of being pregnant, aka AF if she was regular, would have been Dec 19th).

Going to see the Hunger Games on Sunday at 4pm. I'd have loved to do a Friday night (tonight) or Thursday 12am showing but I just couldn't make DH do that when he had to work the next day. So we'll see it at 4pm with my grandma and mom and dad.

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  1. Those baby girl clothes are SO cute!!! I hope you get your girl :)