Saturday, 10 March 2012

Change of Plans

I spent days perusing's baby registry looking at duck things for our rubber duck nursery. We had a sheet set picked out (with dots in lots of colours). There are not a lot of duck things that aren't for the bathroom. So, I got pissed off and talked to hubby about changing our theme. I'm so much happier with this theme now...

Wait for it....


Here's our bedding we'll probably get on Sunday. It's 25% off ($30 off) until mid next week or something and I just can't pass it up.

It's a bumper free set from Skip Hop, called the complete sheet set. Now, the reason it's different from any other sheet set is because there's a pattern on top of the fitted sheet and a different one on the side. It makes the crib look complete without bumpers because of the controversy of bumpers and suffocation.

Now we'll probably have our change table and crib in that neutral unpainted wood colour which I like. We'll get our crib and changer from IKEA (really cheap!) until a recall because of screw length, the crib always had great reviews. We'll just make sure the screw length is the right size. We'll be getting the crib/changer at the end of March for under $150 total because we're headed over right where IKEA is for a few days anyways. That will save us a $100 round trip car drive or $80 to take the bus there. We probably won't get the mattress there but we will be mostly ready for baby at that point :) (as far as necessities go). 

We'll inherit a gently used car seat unless someone buys us a new one. I know where and how that car seat has been used by our friends so there's no issues there. And beyond that, everything else is just wants and things that will make life easier.

So here are a bunch of pictures of the items that I dumped on our registry for the nursery!

Carter's lamp and valance (skip hop didn't make any)

Carter's hamper and mobile

2 picture frames

Breathable bumpers and changing pad cover

Humidifier and boppy

Glider and "piggy" bank

Itzbeen and curtain ties

(for older) Blanket/Pillow/Stuffy and rocking elephant

So as you can see, our colours are blue, green, brown and the occasional grey elephant :)

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