Sunday, 11 March 2012

Baby has bedding!

Yessiree! The baby has bedding. At 25% off of $130 it came to $107 including tax or $96 before tax. So excited and couldn't pass up this deal.

Only 2.5 more work days until spring break.


Taking Elvis in to the vet this week hopefully. He has a cut in his ear (I just figured out what was bugging him after checking a few times and not noticing...) and I want it looked at since he's such a small dog it worries me to use rubbing alcohol like my dad used to dump in our cocker spaniel's ears. He's overdue for a few shots and deworming and such too do it's just time for it.

1 comment:

  1. Your nursery plan looks super cute!

    ..and I can relate to you about this week, I have to take my puppies all to the vet too - they are both due for their shots & I've got to get one of mine spayed this week too.

    Wanna take mine while you're at it?! lol, j/k