Friday, 30 March 2012

Come on people, have some sense!

Why do so many people try and sell their used breast pumps? It's disgusting. Here's a page on which pumps are safe to get second hand and why.

Gross! They're not that expensive. Save yourself the HIV and just buy a new pump. If you even get a second hand safe pump, you need to buy all new tubing anyways. The pump I'm getting is this one and it's just over $100 new:


  1. I find this post harsh and judgemental. Maybe its just that im hormonal but still. Im getting mine secondhand and will replace and sterilize what I need to in order for it to be safe for myself and my child. The one that I would like and that everyone I know swears by is a $190 pump which unless it is gifted to me I can not afford.

    1. It's not directed at you but at the people who try sell them on craigslist and such, the kinds you can't even sterilize. If you want to take the time to sterilize it and buy new parts, that's great, because you've done your research but the people that are selling a manual hand pump with no replaceable tubing or open systems aren't doing their research because those ones aren't safe to use second hand.

      Which pump is that? I'm going from online reviews since I don't know anyone who's successfully managed to pump.

  2. I borrowed from a friend. I bought all new tubes and shield pumps - pumps are expensive! I was able to pump, but not enough to make it count so I returned it to my friend.