Saturday, 24 March 2012

More shopping and more clothes bought for me

Top row: (L) favourite shirt mat store ($39 but worth it!)
(R) mat store from my grandma
2nd row: (L) mat store from my grandma 
(R) sweater from mat store from my mom and dad
3rd row: (L) nursing nighty from mat store ($7 clearance) 
(R) same nighty folded under to be a shirt (I'll probably hem it this way)
Bottom row: sweater from my mom and dad open with double zipper over a mat shirt

Can't wait for a huge belly. It looked so awesome at the store!!

Because of the things bought today, I now have a 2nd $50 off coupon to use at the same store! So that's spend $200 get $100 off. So really I can get $200 worth of stuff for $100 now :)

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