Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Toilet Paper...Wednesday?

(Not my idea, got it from a lady on FB who got it from someone on babycenter)
Okay Ladies....its TOILET PAPER TUESDAY!

What you do is grab your toilet paper, wrap it around you and see how many squares it takes to get all the way around. It works best if you use the same kind of TP each week, since different brands have different size squares. Every Tuesday update with far along you are and how many squares. (I swear it made the pregnancy fly by last time with something to look forward to each week!).

Week 1 (16w1d): (tiny bit under) 12 squares
Week 2 (18w2d): (tiny bit under) 12 squares

Forgot last week. Hope I remember next week. Although the measurement hasn't changed in 2 weeks.

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