Saturday, 28 April 2012

Baby Names

Well, I bet you hoped we'd be sharing our names... but nope. Baby names shall remain a secret until baby is born. All I have to report is that we've changed our baby girl name from Jocelyn Eva to something else. I couldn't imagine calling a baby Jocelyn and Jocelyn Eva just didn't flow the way I wanted. Our boy name was changed about a month ago but wasn't changed drastically.

Oddly enough, now our baby girl and baby boy names have the same initials: CGS. This means that we can now go out and buy monogrammed things for the nursery and since the colours for the nursery are turquoise, brown and green, we don't need to wait to buy gender specific!

So wiggleworm shall from this day forth, be known as C.G. :) Kinda perfect for people who met on a computer game... CG = computer generated... or is it computer graphics. Either way, I love it haha.

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