Wednesday, 4 April 2012

First week back to work

I bought a few cute outfits today off our CL site for three dollars each. One 6-12 month romper and one 0-3 month 3 piece winnie the pooh set with a onesie, pants and a jacket. She threw in 3-6 month onesie as well as bonus.

Also between today and monday I bought 38 burp cloths. I will sew them into anything I can think of :)
So far I've thought of using them for:
- flat diapers
- wipes (serging some layers together into smaller squares)
- swaddles (maybe sewing a few together and putting velcro on them)

Super sore boobs today as well as crampy pains in my higher stomach and sore in the uterus area too.

Told bosses today. They were good with the news. Principal boss doesn't seem to want me to come back in September for a few weeks. But guess what? If you want the best for your students in your school, you'll bring me back, otherwise his new E.A.'s won't know his technology and that will hold him back BIG time. I think he'll come around considering my mom knows this as well as my nice boss who had that conversation practically asking me to come back in September.

Also I need to flaunt the belly otherwise they'll see me at 27 weeks and then not again... that's just not okay with me.

T minus 13 days until the ultrasound and our news goes public!


  1. Elizabeth Pottage5 April 2012 at 11:56

    You don't consider blogging this as public? I mean I realize that it isn't likely that people you know will just stumble across this blog. I so glad that this pregnancy is going well for you!

    1. No this isn't public. Some people I know have this blog address but if they're smart enough to find my blog I'm fine with them knowing.