Thursday, 5 April 2012

Deals, nesting and doctor

Jackpot on deals for me lately. Below are my 43 microfiber inserts for various diapers (I'll use as doublers for nighttime too), which I paid $10 for. I literally paid about $0.23 for each one. I've seen people selling them for $1.50 to $2.00 each and even more online lately.

The picture below shows my newly acquired 50 burp cloths/receiving blankets. I plan on sewing them into things. For example, I can serge 8x8 squares together (in 2 or 3 layers) to make cloth wipes, I can use some of the bigger ones as flat diapers for the baby while he/she is a newborn, I can sew a few together with some velcro maybe to make a couple swaddles (at $20 each brand new that's ridiculous) or I can make scrappy pants by sewing strips together and then cutting a pants pattern out of the sewn strips to make pants with random patterns in strips all over them. I'm sure there's lots more things to sew out of them but the point is I got a great deal paying $14 for 50 ($0.28 each).

And my last deal is below. it is a 36 inch square mirror worth $90 that DH and I won at a silent auction for $5. For now it's going to stay in the baby room and we'll lean against the wall or lay on the floor for baby to look at while he/she is stationary and then when he/she is mobile, we'll put it on our bedroom wall and bring in a white framed floor length mirror from our bedroom to mount on the baby's wall.

This here is a deal I got a long time ago. It's an old old style snap and go that so far works with a graco carseat. Hopefully we'll get our stroller we want before the baby is born but even if we don't we'll have a stroller frame to use until we get it :) Then when we get our stroller, we'll give the frame away to someone for free, just like we were given it for free and the people before us were given it for free. I'll post more about the stroller we want another time.

As for my nesting, well I came home from buying the inserts this morning and folded the 25 blankets that weren't folded, took some tags off things, sorted clothes and most of the other baby things.

Left: folded burp cloths 2 rows deep
Right: diaper inserts

Left: random freebies (wash cloths, changing pad, toddler feeding set), wall art, soothers
Right: baby pool floatie, nestle diaper bag, bedding

Left: organized coupons and random baby papers
Right: formula freebies that don't expire for a long time after baby is born. I'll donate at least 2 to the food bank or women's shelter once breastfeeding is established.

Left: ikea plastic bag holder (will probably use as a wipes holder)
Right: our 6 freebie avent NB bottles with breast pads

And last but not least (well, I'll probably be back later today so it's not really last lol), my doctor's appointment: CANCELLED. *sad face* The doctor's office cancelled this morning because the Dr. got called in to labour and delivery to deliver someone's baby :) I hope everything is alright with the mom and baby :) and I'll go back next thursday for my appointment instead.

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