Wednesday, 18 April 2012


That's it. We're out.

Work was this poem:
There's someone tiny growing inside,
Whose presence now we just can't hide!
They'll come to this world in late September,
A date I hope you'll all remember.

I didn't realize it said THEY until someone pointed it out to me... lol oops. No, no twins here. But people started a "not me" list where they wrote their names down if it WASN'T them who was pregnant. I guess it helped them narrow it down a bit. It was really funny.

Telling my student was the highlight of my day! I told him first thing. It started with me telling him to come over to the room I was in because I had to talk to him about something. He double checked that it was good news. I told him yes. When he came in the room I said, "I have a secret to tell you" and he loves secrets. I told him "I'm going to have a baby in September". He started GRINNING. So cute. Then I asked him if he was excited because of course he was grinning like crazy. He told me he was processing. So he was silent for a few seconds and then tells me, "okay! I'm excited!" It was epic-ly awesome. So I mentioned to him that it meant I would be home with the baby in September and asked him if he was curious about what that meant for him. He seemed curious but didn't seem to care enough to go and chat with my boss and see if she had information for him.

At the end of the day another student was standing staring at my belly and he put his hand on his own belly. Lol, his E.A. told him but I hadn't known. It was cute. I told my student that and he told me that a few years ago he wouldn't know why that mattered. He also told me a joke:

A little girl comes home from school and says to her mom, "Mommy I learned how to make babies today." Her mom says, "How do you make babies?" The little girl says, "Change the Y to an I and add E-S"... lmao!

Facebook was this picture:

It got about 5 comments and maybe 10 likes from about 11am to 4pm. When I got home I posted my Baby Gaga update and more comments started coming. I'll go post my 9 week U/S picture tonight probably because there's still plenty of people who haven't commented.

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