Monday, 16 January 2012

Testin' strong

Still feeling like it isn't real so I've been testing over and over again with ovulation tests (all show positive of course). My bigger clear blue test didn't work this morning. Not even a control line showed up. It was weird. The other one better work or I'm calling them and requesting new ones.

I really think the timing on this pregnancy couldn't be much better. I feel like this baby will be my take home baby but I still can't help but worry.

I really don't want to feel cheated again like I felt after my miscarriage. I never got to experience a worry free pregnancy. At least with this one I NEED an u/s for dating so I will know early on that the pregnancy is viable. I know you're not out of the woods at that point, but it will make me feel better. is DRAMA. One lady posted about being positive but the comments she made were a slap in the face to those of us who've needed the BB for support through worrying times. She doesn't want to see posts about people worrying but really...? Don't read them imo. I hope she gets fed up and leaves. Doesn't sound like she's got many people on her side.

I'm part of a facebook group for September 2012 moms. It's a private group and the ladies in there all seem like great people. I never built any relationships except with one person in the December 2011 board. A lot of us who miscarried bonded through another group after our miscarriages but before that I hadn't bonded with anyone. The one person I bonded with (outside of the miscarriage support group) miscarried as well and I posted about her a long time ago. We still communicate. She unfortunately due to life wasn't able to try again like a lot of us but she's still happy for me. I hope she gets her rainbow soon!

I hope to have morning sickness with this baby. It will make things feel very opposite my last pregnancy and I really feel that I need that right now. It will let me know that things are headed in the right direction. Nips still sore which is good news :) Tummy feelin' weird but not bad crampy or stretch crampy (although I can't remember what that feels like atm).

I'm gonna go by my due date I'm guessing until the doctor tells me differently. So I'm in week 4 day 5 atm.


  1. Well! What did he say?!?!? Good god woman, you are killing me.

  2. the doctor? idk yet i need an u/s which ill make him book when i see him on thursday

  3. I got my morning sickness right around week 6. It lasted till almost week 17/18 - careful what you wish for! :)