Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dr. appt and this pregnancy so far vs. last

Last time:
found out at 4w6d
Dr. appt at 5w4d (BFN) needed blood test
had drank some water before appt and peed max. 2 hours before
took 2 HPTs with BFPs with FMU
sore nipples and growing cramps (only symptoms) by miscarriage at 8 weeks
spotting started after having sex, went away and came back

This time:
found out at 4w4d (ish)
Dr. appt at 5w1d (strong BFP)
had not peed since 6am (appt at 10am)
taken countless HPTs: some with FMU, some right after drinking a ton of water
sore nipples, extreme hunger and just overall feeling different (at 5w1d)
not having sex until out of first trimester at least

I feel like this pregnancy is off to a good start. I hope it all ends well too. I hope to have the OB monitor my HCG levels for a few weeks.

My doctor referred me to the OB that I want and I'm waiting to hear if I will be able to see him throughout my pregnancy. I hope I will be able to. He's the one I talked about here. My GP won't send me for an U/S. He says that there's a reason we don't send people until 18 weeks up here... I was like "are you f__ing kidding me?" (in my head). I don't even know when I'm due. How can I cope right now not knowing when I will hit 8 weeks and get past the point I miscarried last time? Right now I've got about a 2 week span that I'm going to be nervous. It'd be nice if that 2 weeks was only one week... Maybe this OB will give me an U/S. Hope hope hope! I really expect he will. M got one and she knew when he last AF had showed but she got it for dating purposes.

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