Thursday, 12 January 2012


Idk what I've talked about before and whether or not I've talked about things guys might not want to read.... but if you're male, you might want to stop reading... if there's any of you out there.

My boobs got sore today. I just realized it when I got in my PJ's it was not necessarily whole boob soreness that is like AF showing up but more the nipple soreness that I experienced that clued me in to something being different before I got my BFP last time. I'm HOPING that either AF will show soon if it's her knocking on the door or else I will test and actually get a BFP with my last HPT I have. I bought some from after my miscarriage because I knew I'd want to test. In 8.5 months of irregular periods I've used 2 OPKs (more to see if I was interpreting symptoms to be preg when they were actually ovulation) and 14/15 HPTs.

I'm hoping it's preg instead of AF but I'll monitor the soreness for a while. Maybe it's something I did recently that caused it, maybe it's AF, but either way I don't want to get my hopes up and get another negative HPT.

I'm hoping I just took my last test too early because it's just been 2 weeks since the last time we DTD (I got depressed and haven't let DH near me like that since that point).

Please send me lots of patience. I'll test sunday if the symptoms stick around.... If it's really AF, please wish for her to show up before sunday so I don't have to deal with another BFN... that's 14 BFN's in 8.5 months so far...

As a side note, I'm remembering some cramping recently but I just assumed it probably was food related.

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