Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Prezzies!

1. chocolate peanut butter crisps
2. candy canes cherry flavoured
3. silly string (this was fun!)
4. 17 Again DVD
5. crispers salt and vinegar and Josh's BBQ
6. starlight mints
7. cookie scooper (scoop dough, then squeeze and the dough gets scraped off onto the cookie sheet)
8. sticky LED light for anywhere
9. Qoola frozen yogurt bar gift card
10. rubber twist ties
11. water bottle carrier
12. toblerone (and Josh's)
13. suckers with santa/rudolph etc
14. nose studs
15. Reese big cups!
16. egg timer (Josh's but I'll use it more :P)
17. chocolate letter A

18. ornament with silk Santa from 1908, stamped with sparkly year 2011 (from M+D)
19. yahtzee flash game (from Elvis :P)
20. sparkly snowman ornament (from Nanny in CA)

21. Diablo II (to Josh from Elvis)
22. Pick two (like quickie scrabble or bananagrams) (from Josh/Elvis)
23. Corpse Bride (from Elvis to us)
24. Destined book (from Bry)
25. salted caramels (from Satan... cuz you know, only Satan would give us chocolate when we're both on weight watchers lol)
26. the Hunger Games trilogy (from Josh/Elvis)
27. Grey's Anatomy season 1 (from Bry)
28. truffles (from Santa/M+D)
29. Planet 51 (from Elvis to us)
30. Just Dance 3 (from M+D)

31. turquoisey short sleeved sweater (from Nanny in CA)
32. poofy knitted scarf (from Nannie and Bapa in BC)
33. soap (from Nannie and Bapa in BC)
34. scarf and gloves (from Nannie and Bapa in BC)
35. Precious Moment (from Candy in NV)
36. Magic Eye Calendar (from Josh/Elvis)
37. Bezzerwizzer board game (from Elvis) 
38. knitted necklace (from Nannie and Bapa in BC)

39. T-Fal Actifry (fries food with 1 spoon of oil) (from Josh)
40. D-Link Network thingy (from M+D) (will let us have a landline)

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