Saturday, 24 December 2011


4 Places you have lived (not current):
Prince George, BC
Langley, BC
Fort St. John, BC
Fort Nelson, BC

4 Movies you have watched more than once?
Mulan <3
The Back Up Plan
Tangled <3

4 Jobs you have had:
crew at Wendy's
staff at HMCS Quadra SCSTC
special education assistant/deaf blind intervenor
special education assistant/braillist (current)

4 Places you have been that your remember vividly:
Victoriaville, QC
Reno, NV
Murrieta, CA

4 favorite foods:
mac and cheese
hot dogs!

4 favorite foods since losing weight:
mac and cheese (high fiber)
whistle dogs (thin bun, chicken weiner, FF singles, bacon)
WW cinnamon crisps
cheese rice crackers with 98% FF processed chicken

4 Unique things others may not know about you:
my favourite number is 4
my husband is 5 years older than me
my nose is pierced and I have 2 holes in each lower ear lobe and 1 on the upper right cartilage 
I despise stupid people at the stores at christmas. I get sooo frustrated with all the people there just trying to do their own thing.

4 favorite TV shows:
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Make It or Break It

4 places you would love to be right now:
Reno, NV
Murrieta, CA
at Valcartier Tubing place in QC

4 things you hope to accomplish in the next 4 months:
lose at least 20lbs
get pregnant (it will probably be either #1 or #2, and I'd prefer this one)
find exercise I enjoy
get a waterproof mp3 player (or an iPod nano) and put audiobooks on it (to use in a gym or in the pool)

Share your answers with me if you have time. I am always interested in learning more about you!

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