Tuesday, 27 December 2011


They had a great boxing day deal on my camera I wanted so I bought it, plus an external flash. It's so awesome!! It was still $1300 after taxes and the external flash which was 50% off and still $200 so I owe our bank account back $725 but that's okay :)

Here's a two example pictures of some of the first ones I took.

(below) with built in camera flash
(below) with external flash pointed at the dog
(below) with external flash pointed upwards

Here's some of my favourites. I posted them on FB and linked from there so the quality isn't as good.

(above) zoom lens from across the house


  1. Is that you, because you are super cute! So jealous of the camera. I want one!

  2. yeah the girl is me and the dark guy is hubby. The guy with glasses is my bro