Thursday, 8 December 2011

AF showed

Ironic isn't it. Just when I still have one day's hope left that I could be pregnant before my due date. Oh well, better she shows than doesn't show for another 30 days.

Cycle 1: 107 days
Cycle 2: 76 days
Cycle 3: 42 days

That's a pretty good downward trend of knocking off 30 days each time. Hopefully this time, AF knocks off 14 days and comes back at 28 days like normal. PUHLEEEEEZ let this be the cycle that regulates.

The blue one was today's picture and the orange one was from the beginning of my last cycle. SO much less depressing seeing only 42 days that it's guessing for my next cycle instead of 76. lol

But looking back at my temps, I may have actually ovulated... cool!

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