Friday, 24 June 2011

Thought it was done

I know this is my third post for the day but I don't like to clump.

With my evaluation last week came questions as to why these things happened and comments as to how I thought it was unfair.

I was TOTALLY dumped on. No one took the time to give me a heads up earlier in the year so I got dumped on about all the things I've been doing badly on this year, right in the last two weeks.

My hours got cut from 80% to 50% and I feel like I'm on probation. I'm pretty sure I am. However, it's the principal who apparently decided my work assignment for me next year.

I've got a dilemma now because I'm not satisfied with my hours and the explanations given to me, but it's hard to approach him with this now because his wife just passed away yesterday from cancer and he's not around. I would never approach him in person with all that I know he's got going on but I know I need to take it to him now.

I've decided that if I need to keep my personal life outside of work by putting on a happy face no matter what's going on with me, then I need to realize that, pain or not, I have to take this to him because it's part of his job as well.

I'm going to take time to draft an email to him and email it when the timing feels appropriate so he can take his time getting back to me. I just can't go through a whole year filled with resentment and regret because I didn't follow though.

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