Sunday, 5 June 2011

AF please show up...

... or at least give me a BFP! After last Sat, AF seemed to show but went away. I tested on Thurs and got a BFN. I took it really well. I was putting off taking a test after the miscarriage even though I wondered if my HCG ever got down low enough. I was worried about TTC and not knowing if my HCG would cause a BFP.

So I guess I'm still waiting on my first AF since my miscarriage. It looked like she may have started to show today but we will have to wait and see if she stays.

On a happier note, I found a good app for my phone that lets me chart similar to Fertility Friend. It's called Ovuview and it's for Android. I'm not sure if Apple makes one but if you search ovulation, fertility friend, ovuview or other things related to charting you probably can find a good free one.

I also received my HPTs, OPKs and BBT thermometer in the mail recently. I ordered them from I'm so happy they're here. I can finally start Actively Trying: The Next Level.

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