Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bad moment or bad day?

Yeah I'm gonna say that this bad moment made my whole day bad.

I get the dreaded evaluation tomorrow morning at work. I requested that it be moved to next year given the stress that this year has put on me and the fact that I know I'm not at my best. I got an email this morning stating that it's out of their control and that it will have to be tomorrow. My mom brought home my paper evaluation.

I just didn't expect my evaluation to be this bad. I expected some understanding from my bosses who know everything that I've been through this year with my grandpa and dog dying, my miscarriage and the extremely tough situation with one of the students I work with.

I got one E for exceeding, a few M's for meeting, and a ton of I's for needing improvement. I was evaluated my first year and it was almost the polar opposite of this year. I think I only had one I, and the rest were split like 50/50 between E and M.

Let's see how the meeting goes tomorrow. I'm not impressed. I feel betrayed, disrespected and that there was a lack of professionalism (sending it home with my mom).

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