Sunday, 29 May 2011

Totally busy day

Tonight my husband built my Ikea DVD shelf for me! Isn't it pretty? All our DVDs used to be stacked in columns up and down instead of side to side rows like this shelf. That was ugly and hard to reorganize and pull off the shelves.

Today we barely sat down. We were busy moving things to get ready for the dry waller to come on Tuesday. He's going to be adding some fire resistant (30 min) dry wall or something to all the walls and ceilings between the main part of the house and the suite. My brother and husband patched up some big trenches in the ceiling. Mom and I did some recycling (cans and such) and then cleared out the laundry room to be dry walled. The guys took the cupboards down and then mom and I stacked them all in my brother's room. He's moving out next weekend and his bedroom is one of the two that will be part of the suite so we're storing stuff in there while he's still living there because we can't have the dry waller do his room until he has moved.

I cooked lunch for everyone which gave me time to sit down around 1pm because I was waiting for water to boil. Tee hee! We probably didn't all stop working until around 4pm. Couple that with our 15 hour day yesterday and I swear none of us feel like we got a break this weekend. Can't it be Saturday tomorrow?

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