Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ikea Bus Review

Here are my comments about the Ikea bus and the days schedule.
- leave depot at 7:30
- arrive at ferry at 8
- get on 9:00 ferry
- at ikea by 11ish
- big boxes to the bus by 2:30
- go to big warehouse for big items by 3:15
- 5:00 ferry
- at the depot by 7:30
My Thoughts:
The time at Ikea was perfect for us but a little longer would have been nice. It gave us just over 3 hours to buy everything and get back to the bus to load. We were stressing for a while in the self serve warehouse though. We had three flats and one shopping cart with three people pushing.
If we hadn't come into the store knowing exactly what we were looking at, we wouldn't have had enough time. We hadn't chosen our dressers for example but we knew we were going to stick with the MALM series for our bedroom and the LACK series in black brown for the living room.
It was annoying to get to the ferry terminal just as the 8:00 sailing was leaving and have to wait an hour to board  especially when we could have left later and still gotten the 9:00 or a little earlier and gotten the 8:00 and had an extra hour to shop.
Between the three of us who went, we spent almost $2000 plus the money to ship our king size bed to our house.

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