Saturday, 28 May 2011

Finally home

Yeah so we're finally home after a 15 hour day. I'm thankful I found a blogger app for Android though. I should have figured there would be one since Android is totally all about Google and Google seems to own Blogger.

The above picture is a picture of all our loots. We of course didn't buy the sweaters and three of the long boxes are my mom's bookshelves but everything else is ours.

We spent over $1800 after taxes and before coupons/gift cards and then another $130 to have them ship the bed to us (not in the picture). I know I posted the number before but it wasn't this exact. My mom spent just under $300 by herself lol.

This is one of three bus compartments. Most of the boxes in here are ours... lol

And I leave you with a final comment. One... freaking... long... day!

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