Saturday, 1 September 2012

Facebook stupidity

Many moms out there who are proud to breastfeed post pictures of themselves nursing their babies on facebook. Those pictures often get reported and pulled down, resulting sometimes in a BAN of the facebook account. A mom on the birth without fear group posted that her breastfeeding profile picture has been reported three times. There was no nudity... her nipple was covered by baby and literally you saw less than in a bikini top (which breastfeeding moms always remind people of). I decided to report this picture and see what facebook did about it. Below is the response I got from facebook:

Click the pic to make it bigger to be able to read...

All in all... facebook didn't take down the picture of the naked woman wearing a string thong, yet pulls pictures of breastfeeding moms down all the time when their community standards says that breastfeeding doesn't fall under that category just as artsy pictures don't either.


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