Tuesday, 18 September 2012

38 week adventure

So last thursday I went to my Dr appointment and found a BP up around 140/90. Well that's a lot higher than usual and a huge jump from the week before. My Dr decided to send me to the hospital for monitoring. He figured I'd be there for 24 hours for monitoring.

We got there... waited around for a room for an hour. All the antepartum rooms were full so I got put in a LD room. Lovely little pee test, blood work, blood pressure, NST and more blood pressure. First BP showed what the Dr saw. After lying down for the NST for 30 mins or whatever, my BP was back at 120/80ish or whatever normal was for me.

Then they sent me home... that was a stressful day. We didn't know if I'd be stuck in the hospital to deliver the baby or not... All was good though.

At my appointment, I was dilated 1cm (boo but 1cm more than last week!), soft (but not effaced) and posterior. Oh well, that will change in labour if it doesn't before :P

We didn't tell anyone about the hospital visit though. No reason to stress anyone out.

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