Friday, 28 October 2011

It was AF

Seems to be a full blown visit from Aunt Flo today.

The depressing part about it is this...

... my app seems to think my next cycle will be 76 days as well.

I'm going to my Dr. on Tuesday and telling him that AF showed but I'd still like to go on BC if nothing seems to point towards ovulation by 3 weeks in. We were thinking I'd need to go on some sort of anti anxiety medication or something earlier in the year and my dad deals with medication for similar things. It gets depressing not knowing anything about my cycle. If I go on BC, even for two months, it would still get me regular (probably) in less time than this last ONE cycle took.


  1. Don't you just hate our bodies?
    I have the same issue. For the past few months I've had 30 day cycles... uh yeah, this month? AF is MIA and not showing any signs of showing.

    Hope you get your answers <3.

  2. it totally sucks. I've been 28-29 days regular for most of my life. It sucks not knowing. I hope yours shows for you soon.

  3. They think that my AF is missing this month because I took Clomid and then my cycle was a bust so I did not trigger. Their guess is not trigger = no ovulation and no ovulation = no cycle.

    I start Provera on November 10th (roughly)

  4. Nov 10th. That's close to the time period my Dr. told me he'd actually put me on BC if AF didn't show. I was hoping she wouldn't show actually... :(

    What's the next step after your provera? Clomid another month?