Saturday, 29 October 2011


This is what I'd like our office to have in it eventually.

This is what it looks like now.

What do you think about this? We've only got two bedrooms and not enough space for two computers to fit in the living/dining room so we've got to make do somehow.

Let me walk you through my imaginary office/nursery that I hope to have someday soon.

Enter the room. The closet hosts our server computer that runs our internet phone, some storage, and will probably hold baby clothes that are too big. Across the room are our desks. Small, compact and side by side. The bookshelves are the white ones from the above pictures and are sitting side by side, giving tons of book storage.

There is a curtain that parts in the middle (might be left open a bit most of the time). Through there you see the baby "room" :) On the left side is the diaper changing/storage area. We're going to have a wet bag where the genie is pictured. Under the change table (or over on a shelf) is our changing supplies. On the 2 stacked bookshelves (9 cubes in each shelf and they can be bolted together and to the wall to almost reach the ceiling) is toy storage and cloth diapers ready to go. Beside the heater is our baby's dresser holding clothes that fit, nursing blankets, etc. The crib is in the corner and our glider is next to the curtain.

Josh says he's worried about the rays from the computers. I say to that, that the server could be moved and we can turn off our computers when not in use. I also plan on using a bassinet in the bedroom until the baby starts sleeping through the night.

Anyone out there have any thoughts?

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