Saturday, 4 August 2012

Things I still need to get (updated)

For diapering:

- 7 more infant prefolds ($1.50 each) en route
- 24 premium prefolds ($2.00 each) en route
- diaper sprayer (not necessary until 6 months old but will help to reduce stains now and cost of flushable liners at that point) (about $50) 
- large wetbag/pail liner ($30) en route
- strong 3M hook to hang wet bag on (since our floor space in the baby's room is very full) ($10 tops)
- RLR to strip used diapers :) ($2.00 a pouch) bought 2 packs
- diaper cream ($10 for a large tub and $3 for a trial size) bought organic virgin coconut oil to use and I still need to get a tub and a trial size of CJ's BUTTer. update 8/07, bought a trial of CJ's.
- cloth wipes (36ish, need to make 8x8 2 ply flannel) (free) DONE! woooo!


For breastfeeding:

- pump (buying a manual if I don't get an electric) ($40)
- storage bags
- nursing bras for night and day
- lansinoh breastfeeding cream ($15)
- steam bags for cleaning pump
- bottle warmer (kiinde) ($70)

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