Monday, 20 August 2012

Things I still need to get (diapering finished)

For diapering:

- 7 more infant prefolds ($1.50 each) half prepped (3/7 washes)
- 24 premium prefolds ($2.00 each) prepped
- large wetbag/pail liner ($30) washed and hanging on the wall
- strong 3M hook to hang wet bag on (since our floor space in the baby's room is very full) ($10 tops)  update 8/20 hubby bought a 50c hook and installed it yesterday
- RLR to strip used diapers :) ($2.00 a pouch) diapers all stripped
- diaper cream ($10 for a large tub and $3 for a trial size) have my trial of CJ's in monkey farts smell and a roll on tube in mango, sugar and mint along with my coconut oil
- cloth wipes (36ish, need to make 8x8 2 ply flannel) (free) I have 40 2 ply wipes and 12 1 ply wipes

Would like:

- diaper sprayer (not necessary until 6 months old but will help to reduce stains now and cost of flushable liners at that point) (about $50) 
- a couple sets of diaper pins (but I have snappis to use and those will work if I don't get them)

For breastfeeding:

- pump (buying a manual if I don't get an electric) ($40) a manual from the U.S. for super cheap
- storage bags
- nursing bras for night and day (tried some cheap ones on and they gave me severe cone boob... looked really gross. so I'll be buying some good ones once my milk comes in)
- lansinoh breastfeeding cream ($15)
- tops that attach to my bra to keep my tummy covered while nursing ($25 to buy, $10 to make)

Would like:

- bottle warmer (kiinde) ($70)
- steam bags for cleaning pump (if I get an electric pump)

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