Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Presents in the mail

From a friend I met on WoW... the red one has the WoW horde symbol on it and like hubby, I met her on WoW as well :) There's 3 onesies total, size 6 months.

Duck on the butt romper, light blue with elephant, croc and giraffe embroidered outfit with long sleeve, pants and a hat and a book :) I love this book and will probably read it to the baby, hehe. MIL was appalled that it was on our registry and she doesn't think we'll read it, but we will! :) 

And the last mail package was for Elvis. His birthday present came in the mail! Black collar and leash with bright green stitching, silver music notes, his name (on the collar) and an Elvis saying :)


  1. You got the book :D! Yay for us and awesome friends!

    1. yeah I'm super excited... waiting for MIL to comment "you're not gonna read that to baby are you?" like she did when she saw it on the registry haha