Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Early routines and Carlo's schedule

With Carlo being as young as he is, he is unable to fall into adult made routines for sleeping and eating (though I will never put him on a schedule for nursing). Here are the routines and schedules that we're following.

Nurse on demand all day and night. I do not schedule his nursings. He eats when he's hungry. When people schedule out feedings because a Dr or nurse tells them that "a ___ month old should only be eating every ___ hours," you risk having your baby gained weight slower than he should or even risk him losing weight. This is especially true with nursing. Baby might only take a small amount of milk at each feeding and nurse more often. He may need the nursings... ESPECIALLY while in a growth spurt. Carlo went through a growth spurt for about 2.5 weeks straight. He would nurse at LEAST every hour and sometimes a couple times an hour. It was rough, but he's calmed down to 1-2 hours now and usually goes about 2 hours if we're out of the house.

Bath or shower everyday at 8 pm. He has a bath with me and gets a full wash down. He loves the bathtub and floating! After his bath, I get to shower and DH takes him to get him ready for bed. He showers with DH and gets his boy parts washed. When that's done, I get him ready for bed and DH gets a shower. This routine ensures that Carlo gets exposed to water daily (on his ears, face, etc) and hopefully will not grow to be scared of water.

No nap schedule. He falls asleep when he's tired, often on a person...

Carlo has fallen into a bedtime routine all on his own. Usually right after he's done his bath, he will nurse a couple times before 9 pm. Around 9 pm he wants to nurse non stop for about 30 minutes to an hour. If he falls asleep too early, I will change his diaper or swaddle him to try wake him. He's usually asleep anywhere between 9:45 and 10:30.

His night nursing routine usually has him up about twice a night. He sleeps for about 5 hours (but always between 4 and 6.5 hours so far) before waking to eat for about 15-30 minutes. This puts his feeding between 2 am and 4:30 am. His 2nd feeding is about 2-3 hours later. I can usually nurse him back to sleep again after his second feeding but by that time, DH is up getting ready for work or already gone to work, so it's not really night time anymore lol. If I get him back to sleep after that, he usually goes about an hour before being up to eat again.

House Routine Changes:

  • Dishes don't get done at night after dinner. They get done mostly by DH in the morning and if I'm able to put Carlo down in the day time, I'll do what's left.
  • DH cooks dinner while I nurse Carlo. This means that usually I end up being ABLE to eat my dinner without being interrupted by a baby wanting to nurse. Even if Carlo doesn't act like he wants to eat, he often will eat when offered.
  • Baby laundry gets done when needed. Adult laundry sometimes gets thrown in the washer if I have time while doing baby laundry, otherwise DH or I will do it on the weekend like we did before.
  • Yeah... haven't vacuumed in a LONGGGG time lol. I vacuumed Carlo's room because the dog hair was driving me nuts (and carpet is much easier for me than laminate flooring which is in the rest of the house).

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