Wednesday, 14 November 2012

1 month old

1 month stats:
Weight: 11lbs
Length: 22 inches
Clothing Size: 3 months
Diaper Size: 1
Sleeps 4-6 hour stretches

Firsts: well, this month, everything he did was a first
These included (doesn't include everything of course): 
  • first movie
  • first thanksgiving
  • first outing (local touristy gardens)
  • first cloth diaper (didn't last long because he got rashes)
  • first smile
  • first giggle
  • first shower and bath in the big tub
  • (my dad loves to share this piece of info so I had to include it here) first spit up on grampa... lol

He smiles a lot more now and giggles and squeals at us when we talk to him. He loves to talk to his gramma and always has smiles for her. He loves to talk and smile at his daddy after bath time (every other day). I often walk into to bedroom to find them lying on the bed talking to each other. It's so cute when DH talks to him in German. He has started grabbing things and bringing them to his mouth to chew on when he is hungry.

After battling rash after rash since he was born with only a few days in between in cloth, Carlo was fighting yeast. We're still using disposable diapers but hope to use his cloth starting after his doctor appointment on monday.


  1. Hey! I meant to comment on your blog earlier this week (I'm doing pretty bad with that lately) to tell you that your baby is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the pics of him at one month compared to his just born photos. Such a big difference!

    AND I never congratulated you on mommy-hood. But really, a big congrats to you and your family. It's an amazing journey for sure ;)

  2. Have you tried coconut oil? Tina had horrible diaper rash, the high powered stuff from the dr didn't do anything. We started using coconut oil with desitan over it and it cleared up quickly. Now we use it alone and it prevents the return of the rash really well.

    1. Yeah coconut oil doesn't do anything to clear up a rash for him. We're gonna use it on every change once it's all clear though.