Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sick, tired and hormonal

Just about cried over a message that I got from a group asking me to take a post down. The message was overly formal from someone I'd talked to before and gave no reason as to why I need to take it down when I just posted it for the benefit of other moms who according to most, might actually use them...

Also a deals site that I WILL NOT MENTION (because I'm mad at them) posted a teaser yesterday afternoon about an item that they might be selling at some point apparently in the FAR FAR future. I'm irritated beyond belief that they haven't posted it yet because I want to freaking KNOW what it is!!!!! They keep telling people "patience is a virtue" and I'm thinking "srs guys? just freaking tell us!!!" I'm so irritated I'm thinking of not checking out their site for days. I'll be able to go back and see what it was after the fact but the fact that they have me hanging onto every status update on facebook hoping that they're telling us what it is, is pissing me off.

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