Saturday, 9 June 2012

High Chair Covers

So we recently got a used Peg Perego Prima Pappa Diner high chair off CL for $20. It originally cost about $200. I'm super excited. The vinyl cover on it is super cracked and crappy looking so we're in the market for a new cover. I came across this etsy shop while googling. She makes high chair covers for all sorts of high chairs and they're machine washable (the vinyl isn't).

So now I'm deciding which fabric I like. We're going to get ourselves on her waiting list (3-5 weeks currently). This is what our high chair looks like currently. It's got green on the bottom of the frame and the rest of the frame is white.

Here's the fabric I like:

2D zoo                                        alphabet soup

 bugs                                          crayon craze

jungle boxes                                   seafoam polkadot

 Which one would you get? Keep in mind the green on the frame and which would show fewer stains.


  1. The zoo! Looks like the best at hiding stains. :)

  2. 2D Zoo or Alphabet soup! They are ALL super cute though :) Great job on another CL steal!

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