Friday, 24 February 2012

Name change?

I wanna change my blog name now that I've seen and heard the heartbeat of the baby (heard it yesterday morning with the doppler at 9w3d).

Any ideas?

I've seen people go from:

  • Life, Love and TTC to Life, Love and FINALLY Pregnant
  • Barefoot, Trying to get Pregnant and in the Kitchen to Barefoot FINALLY Pregnant and in the Kitchen

Can't think of any others right now...



  1. How about going from "TTC & Life" to "Life After Conception"

  2. How about "Life of a Pregnant Woman", "The Preggo Life", or "Life & TTC being Pregnant"

    ...something cute like that!

  3. Life, Love and The Rainbow Baby ???

  4. I like the last one, and I say go for it. One of my girlfriends did something similar and no one missed a beat. I think some day I may change mine too!