Friday, 17 February 2012

Feeling REALLY upset...

My doppler isn't here yet and it's still just 4 hours away probably stuck in customs.

I got my time for my u/s and they scheduled me for April 17. My doctor said WITHIN the next 10 days. The scan is also for someone LESS than 14 weeks and by April 17 I will be 18 weeks. I'm really pissed off and I just want to go cry. I called the u/s clinic and they only have an automated voice machine and I was so flustered and frustrated that I babbled. My doctor isn't in next week and so I don't know if the u/s clinic will believe me when it comes to having an appointment moved to before March 1 (my next appointment).

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  1. My sister 'cheated' and went to Fetal Fotos. It's not a medical ultrasound but if you have the cash and just want to see the baby, not a bad way to go.