Thursday, 11 October 2012

Flying high! (6 days old)

Yesterday, we had a visit from the public health nurse. She says that he's super alert for his age and his latch is awesome! She thinks he's adorable (and so does everyone else who meets him). There are so many resources available for us here through them. I'm super excited.

Get this though... my little baby who weighed 7lb 6.5oz at birth and 6lb 13oz at discharge now weighs 7lb 8oz. Apparently mommy has CREAM for him!

He also had his first doctor's appointment. Everything was all good. The Dr weighed him as 7lb 5oz which is under his birth weight but still amazing. We don't have another appointment until he's 6 weeks old (instead of 3-4 weeks like usual) :) I'm so happy the Dr didn't use the F word or the S word (formula or supplement)!


  1. thats great! congrats on your little man!

  2. Awesome to hear, cant wait for more pics!