Sunday, 20 May 2012

The going-ons.... goings-on?

Wishing that I looked a bit more pregnant. I saw a bunch of people this week that I don't often see. Not one of them knew I was pregnant before I told them. What a bummer. C'mon guys, I promise I'm not this fat otherwise... :( Oh well, I'll get there. Let's hope baby has a major growth spurt in the next 3 weeks because I've got another one of those "see people I don't often see" type days coming up :) I'd like for someone who never sees me to know I'm pregnant.

Baby is quite the wiggler now... I'm feeling movements every day and usually at least 5 separate occasions in a day. The exception is if I have a more lazy day, I feel them more often and when I have a super busy day, I feel them less. Movements have severely started up at night time lately... lol

Made 2 registries this week. Got a bunch of free goodies from them, which is cool. BRU gave a bag of items and it contained a playtex drop-ins bottle (now I have 2 to try before opening my sets) as well as a pampers (huggies? idk) NB diaper! It's so TINY!!!! There were many more things too but those were the most exciting things to me. Didn't register for anything really exciting though.

We did a cloth diaper workshop this weekend as well. Didn't learn a lot but got some questions answered and saw some more brands of diapers in person.

The dog was playing fetch with a timbit (aka donut hole) today. It was HILARIOUS!!


Aaaaand the big news of the week, we moved a bunch of crap around and painted some stuff. Click the pictures to see them bigger.

Cube shelves with storage/view from door
view from window/pack n play and random other things

new computer area/hubby setting up crib
CRIB with bedding (not washed yet but we'll wash in august/sept)
painted green wall (in natural light it's less reflecty and the blue on the other walls come out more)/stuffed animal net

And right now I'm having my bladder used as a trampoline, so I'm going to head off to bed and see if laying flat stops this lol.

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