Sunday, 18 September 2011


J and I are back on Weight Watcher's! It's been just over a year since I left Weight Watcher's after losing 37 lbs through the spring/summer. I have gained an additional 10 lbs since then and it made me cringe. It's an adjustment having to count points plus instead of points. We used to be able to figure out our points in our heads.

We've realized that the only way this will get done is if we pay for me to weigh in at the meetings and Josh does it from home. We tried it the other way but I fell off quickly and Josh chose to come with me.

I'm hoping that losing weight will help regulate my stress since I'll feel better about myself and will also help regulate my ovulation since I know weight can be a factor in not ovulating.

I'm just thankful that as heavy as I am, I don't carry the weight like some people I knew growing up. I am heavier than I look and I'm thankful for that.


  1. When K and I did Weight Watchers, we turned the meetings into date night. After the meeting, we would go out for a meal and not pay attention to what we were eating. It was just a relaxed meal with no counting. We figured that at that moment, we had as much time as possible to work off any damage we did at that one dinner. Actually kind of made us look forward to meeting days.

  2. we've done things like that before. we would eat what we wanted for dinner tuesday or we would treat ourselves the next day. like my birthday is on wednesday this week and I'm going to have some of the low fat banana cake with cream cheese icing that I bring to work for my birthday and then we're going to dinner and then J's birthday is the day after mine. I'm going to try keep the non birthday treats to a minimum this week since we've got two cakes to eat >.< haha

    weight watchers makes shopping fun for me. It's kind of an obsession to try find new things that are weight watchers friendly while we're at costco and other stores. canada doesn't have nearly as many types of low fat foods as the U.S. does so it's always exciting to discover something new.